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Children's Drum Set by Bridgecraft

Childrens Drum Set

Item #DS-30
Bridgecraft Drum Set - 12"
Recommended Ages 3 to 6.
A quality drumset at a reasonable price is just what your budding young drummer needs to start drumming! With this 3 piece drumset designed to emulate an adult drumset but on a smaller scale, kids will be banging out rhythms in no time. This small child drumset by Bridgecraft features a 12" bass drum, 10" snare drum with holder, 8" tom tom with holder, 8" cymbal with holder, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, tuning key and real "tunable" drumheads! The children's drumset also has "real wood drum shells" for added durability unlike many other kids drumsets that have plastic shells. This kids drumset is available in 6 cool colors: Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Silver, and Pink!

Great Price!

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**Please note: Some assembly is required for this kids drum set. Shipping to continental USA only.
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The Bridgecraft, DeRosa child's drumset, model DRM312BK is one of the nicest kid's drumkits out there. When your little boy or girl is showing signs of natural rhythm, this is the perfect size drumset for them. Low to the ground, it's not intimidating like a teen or starter drumset. It's got a low stool and smaller drums that mount directly on to the bass drum. The Bridgecraft DeRosa brand drumsets are known as one of the best kids drumsets on the market. They feature real wood shells, not the plastic stuff like Bontempi drumsets. They also offer real, metal lugs for tuning the drums. The quality of the hardware is above avergage for a little, child's drumset like this. Even a professional drummer is often surprised at how well made they are for a kids drumkit. They didn't used to have anything this nice in the earlier years. Bridgecraft has made a name for themselves with this DeRosa line particularly. The kit includes everything your child will need to get started. Imagine his face when he pulls this out from underneath the Christmas tree! This drumset comes in a variety of colors. Everything is included, even a child's drum seat (sits low to the ground) and a set of drum sticks that are also child size. See this drumkit's big brother, the Bridgecraft, DeRosa kid's drumset, model DRM316.