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Our Kids Drumsets bring smiles to children's faces. Drums are one of the most exciting instruments to play, especially for those kids that are demonstrating a natural sense of rhythm. Enjoy our selection of quality kids drums and drum sets.


When shopping for kids drumsets, you need a company you can trust. Drum Bum, Inc. is that company. Feel free to call us anytime with drum questions you may have. 1-800-DRUMBUM

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Getting started with kids drumsets: Ok, you've decided that your little drummer boy (or girl) needs a drumset. What do you do next? Simply determine whether they will need a toy type of drumset (the little 3 piece ones), a scaled down pro model kids drumset (made to fit younger kids that would have trouble reaching the pedals on a larger drumset) or a full size 5 piece drumset (the kinds of drumset the pros use). Simply click on one of the pictures of kids drumsets above to get started. We have several different child drumsets, kids drums, and drum brands to pick from:

Jamm Drumsets | Percussion Plus Drumsets
Drum Fire DrumSets | First Act Kids Drums
and more!

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Kids Drumset Buying Guide

With literally 10's of thousands of visitors a day coming through our drumming network, Drum Bum is practically a household name among drummers. Not only is the owner a 30 year veteran drummer, but the company has been selling kid's drumsets and child percussion instruments for years. If you have a question about drums, drum accessories, kids drumsets or child's percussion, we can help. Simply call...

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Kid's Drumsets

If you're looking for little kid's drumsets, you've come to the right place! Since 1999, Drum Bum has been serving up thousands of
child size drumkits to families across America. We search the trade shows for not only the lowest price, but also the best quality that
creates the best bang for the buck for you. While drumset manufacturers do cut a few corners to try and keep the cost down for
parents, often they'll cut too many corners and you're left stuck with something that will fall apart if you look at it the wrong way. We
have found a good selection of drumsets for kids that are not only made well but they offer more in the way of durability, tunability,
color choice and so on. If that's not all, most of these child size kits include everything your child will need to get started including a
drum seat and drumsticks.