Kid's Drumsets
Kid's Drumsets

Kids Drumsets bring smiles to childrens faces and endless hours of musical fun. Drums are an exciting instrument to play, especially for those kids that are demonstrating a natural sense of rhythm. We have drumsets for toddlers, young children, pre-teens, and young teenagers. Enjoy our selection of great childrens drumsets.

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Kids Drumsets
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Kids Drumset
KIDS DRUMSET - Discontinued
Recommended Ages 3 to 6
Our DS-1 kids drumset is the most affordable set we have in the realistic type of set up with real wood and metal rims. This very small size fits very young kids. It is not too over-bearing and they can actually reach the pedals! This is a popular model for those parents that don't want to spend a lot of money but want a kids drum set that's more realistic than the plastic stuff you sometimes see. This childrens drumset is now available in 3 colors!
Children's Drum Set

Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 12"
Recommended Ages 3 to 6   Best Bargain!
The DS-30 Bridgecraft kids drum sets are built with surprising durability considering their size and reasonably priced. This drumset features a 12" bass drum, 10" snare drum with holder, 8" tom tom with holder, 8" cymbal with holder, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, tuning key, seat, and real "tunable" drumheads. This has everything you need in a kids size drumset.

Children's Drum Set
  Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 16"
Recommended Ages 3 to 8
If your kid is starting to outgrow their Bridgecraft 12" Drumset, then they are ready for this! The DS-31 Bridgecraft kids drumsets are built with surprising durability considering their size. This drumset features a 16" x 10" bass drum, 10" x 4" snare drum with holder, 10" x 6" tom with tom arm, cymbal with cymbal arm, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum seat, snare drum stand, seat, tuning key and real "tunable" drumheads!
kids drum sets
  Childs Drumset - Blue Flames First Act Drums
Recommended Ages 6 to 10 On Sale!
The DS-7 Childs Drumset is a fantastic drumset for kids that features an eye-catching blue flames design that kids everywhere will love. The 3 piece junior sized drumset features two 10" toms, 14" Bass Drum, 10" cymbal, foot pedal for Bass Drum, all stands, drum sticks, seat, and tuning drumkey!
Kids Drum set
  JAMM Drumset for Kids
Recommended Ages 3 to 5
The Kids Jamm 3 Pc. kids drumsets are built to resemble an adult drumset only smaller. The drumset features a 10" hi-hats with stand and 10" snare drum with stand that are separate from the 16" bass drum. It also comes with a 10" tom tom, 8" cymbal with titled arm, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum seat, tuning key and real tunable drumheads! Everything you need in a kids size drumset.
Kids Drum set
  Percussion Plus - Kids Drumset
Recommended Ages 3 to 10
The Percussion Plus Drumset is a fantastic drumset for kids. This kids drum set is made with extra attention to quality and detail. This 5 piece drumset for kids features real wood shells and sturdier hardwear overall that is reliable for young children. Its five drums include: 8” and 10” mounted Toms; 13” Floor Tom; 16” Bass Drum; 12” Snare Drum.
  Electronic Drumset
Have fun learning how to play the drums with this cool electronic drumset! The Electronic Drumset has 26 different drum sets you can play with for all kinds of musical styles. Rock out with the built-in speaker or play quietly with headphones (parents love this!) There are even learning features to practice your rhythm and timing. A great educational gift for young drummers. Drumsticks are included. It can be battery powered or an AC adapter can be used. AC adapter is included.
toy drumset
  Kids Musical Band Drumset
Recommended Ages 3 and up
This Kids Drumset is a unique multi-functional instrument which will have children enjoying drumming away on it! The set-up is similar to that of a real drumset with two solid wood drums with soft drumheads and a metal cymbal for standard drumming but it also has a ribbed "rhythm stick" piece in the middle that kids can rub a drumstick across to create a cool percussion sound. Surprise your child with one of these great kids drum sets!
Kids Drumsets
JAMM - 16" Kids Drum Set
Recommended Ages 6 to 11
Kids will love learning how to start drumming with a Kids Jamm 5 Pc. Drumset! This kids drumset by Cannon features the following drums: 16" bass drum, 10" tom tom, 8" tom tom, 12" floor tom, and 10" snare drum with stand. The drumset also has real wood drum shells for added durability unlike many other kids’ drumsets that have plastic shells. It is available in 3 awesome colors: Black, Metallic Blue, and Wine Red!
5 piece Drumset - Starter Drumset
  Percussion Plus - Full Size Drumkit
Recommended Ages 9 and up
The DS-2 is the ideal beginner kids drum set if you're not quite ready for the "big" leap. Priced right, this full-featured, full size 5 piece drumset includes cymbals, bass drum pedal, drum seat, double-braced hardware, drum key, and a free pair of drumsticks! Perfect for a young teenager just starting out. Drumset is available in 10 unique colors!
Junior Drumset
  DRUM FIRE - Kids Junior Drumsets
Recommended Ages 8 and up
This Drumfire junior-sized drum set features all the quality and advantages of a full-sized model, but is scaled down for the smallest percussionist. It comes complete with everything you need to tune, setup, and drum. Available in two finished colors: black or wine red. A quality kids drumset at a reasonable price is just what your budding young drummer needs to start drumming!
Teen Drumset
  DRUM FIRE - Full Size Drum Set
Recommended Ages 12 and up
This DrumFire teen drumset is the next step up from kids drumsets. The quality 6-ply Poplar shells come in standard sizes used by drummers in all styles of music. Everything you need is included, from drum key, to sticks, to drum seat and cymbals. Available in two finished colors: Black or Wine Red. Young drummers looking to get their start in drumming will love the quality at a reasonable price that this drumset offers!

Need help deciding on the best kids drumset for your little drummer? With so many kids drumsets it's sometimes hard to choose! We understand your dilemma and offer top quality customer service, pictures and descriptions to help you choose the best drumset for your loved one. Use the Kids Drumsets Comparision Chart or call 1-800-DRUMBUM and we will answer any drumset questions you may have.

Kids Drumsets


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